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Sports Injury and Rehabilitation

Sports injuries are injuries that occur most commonly during sports or exercise. They can be due to poor training, inadequate warm up, lack of conditioning, or trauma. Activities like football, baseball, tennis, swimming, jogging and weight training are likely to cause an injury. Physical therapy helps in the prevention of injuries associated with sports and exercise. Individuals suffering from sports injuries can be effectively treated and in most cases quickly return to an active lifestyle.

Our Sports Rehabilitation treatment programs works well to maintain and enhance fitness, health and overall quality of life; strengthening the body and increasing blood flow to the affected areas. Sports Rehabilitation is ideal to promote your healing process. Our Programs will…

  • Decrease pain
  • Increase function by restoring your physical abilities
  • Prevent further injuries

We are health care professionals who know to manage pain through physical therapy rehabilitation. Physical therapy treatment for sports injuries is the best option for individuals who wish to return to their normal sports activities and a healthy lifestyle fast. We can also give tips on preventing further injuries!

Call any of our clinics and keep yourself active!